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BG Part Number: PWR1369

220Vac 346VA toroid transformer. 2-20Vac windings, each with a center tap, and rated at 8 amps. Also a separte 13V winding at 2 amps. Manufactured by GPDCAN for some unknown product. Brand new. 220Vac input 50/60Hz.
At 110Vac, the output is 2-10Vac windings, each center tapped, at 8 amps or you can tie the 2-10V windings together and create 20V at 8 amps. The 13V/2A becomes 6-1/2V.  Shipping weight is approximately 6-1/2 pounds. Measures 4-1/2" diameter x 2-1/4" tall. Comes with 1 rubber gasket and 1 steel mounting plate. Mounting bolt and nut not included. Hook up data on the side of each transformer. Very, very limited stock.