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BG Part Number: ACS1963
Solder with Flux, 10 gm 1 mm Dia, SN Stannum Tin (SN): 40%, Lead (PB): 60%

Solder with Flux has a 1 mm diameter and comes in a cylinder case. The solder is flux coated, which will keep whatever you are working on clean. This is widely used in the electrical and electronics welding parts such as circuit board, electronic devices, and others. Solder wire is great for soldering, electronics, computers, repairs, crafts, hobbies, and more. It is compact and essential for electronic enthusiasts. Solder composition: Tin (SN): 40%, Lead (PB): 60%. The cylinder case dimensions are 3-1/2" x 5/8". It is silver colored.

• Sn40Pb60
• Solder Weight: 10 grams
• Solder Diameter: 1mm
• Flux Coated
• Comes in a  Plastic Container