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BG Part Number: ACS2011
2 Board Pack of Blank PCB Copper Laminate .032" 8" X 10" Single Sided

Copper laminate isn't all the same! There is myriad of combinations of the type of base (fiberglass or paper) and copper weights.

The "DirectETCH" process technique has adopted one specification to funnel all of these variables down to one type of fiberglass board (.032" thickness) and copper weight (1/2oz).

If you have never used .032" thickness board on 1/2oz copper you're in for a real surprise.

• Fit more project in less space

•  Plenty of regidity

• Easily cut with an ordinary paper cutter

• Etch in 1/2 the time (About 1 minute if you use our simple technique that doesn't even require an 'etching tank'! See how this is done here

• Less drilling dust generated

• Single-Sided

• Fiberglass
• 2 Panels
• 8"x10"
• 160sq.in.