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BG Part Number: COM1148
IBM PCjr System Board
New Old Stock

These are the original IBM PCjr system boards. These were recovered from a local reseller that shut down.
Get a replacement for an old PC or as a collector piece from the origins of personal computing. 

These appear to be new and are priceless if you are trying to keep old Jr.s working.
 These boards are also a great resource if you are wanting to build an updated and modern version of a PC from scratch to run DOS.
 With the proper tools the processor and associated support chips are easily removed. 
The suite of Intel parts on these boards is straight out of the 80’s and hard to gather together today at a decent price.

On the mother board you will find:

P8088 CPU that is in a socket!

P8259A Interrupt controller

D8253C-5 Prog. Interval timer

P8255A-5 PIO

MC6845P CRT controller

INS8250AN serial i/o

D8284A clock IC

SN76496N TI sound effects IC. 16 pins

There are also many TTL devices, memory, IBM ROM’s, etc.

Limit 2 Per Order

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