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BG Part Number: FETMPF131
: None
Manufacturer Part Number: MPF131
Repeat Of A Sellout.  Even Lower Price. MPF131 house number. General Instrument Dual Gate MOSFET. This 4 lead device looks like a little spider. N-channel, dual gate depletion mode, insulated gate FET. Great for R.F. applications. Electrically, it is very similar to a 3N201, 40673, and a 40820. Gain 20dB at 200MHz and very low noise figure: 3dB at 200MHz. These parts, in a through hole package, are almost extinct. For a quick study of the Dual-Gate MOSFET, check out the Electroluminescent Receiver Kit, for information on using this MOSFET as an amplifier, AGC controlled amp, and high level single balanced mixer. Can also be used as an oscillator.

MPF131 Dual Gate MOSFET

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