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BG Part Number: FETMPF131
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Manufacturer Part Number: MPF131
Repeat Of A Sellout.  Even Lower Price. MPF131 house number. General Instrument Dual Gate MOSFET. This 4 lead device looks like a little spider. N-channel, dual gate depletion mode, insulated gate FET. Great for R.F. applications. Electrically, it is very similar to a 3N201, 40673, and a 40820. Gain 20dB at 200MHz and very low noise figure: 3dB at 200MHz. These parts, in a through hole package, are almost extinct. For a quick study of the Dual-Gate MOSFET, check out the Electroluminescent Receiver Kit, www.qsl.net/wn5y for information on using this MOSFET as an amplifier, AGC controlled amp, and high level single balanced mixer. Can also be used as an oscillator.

MPF131 Dual Gate MOSFET