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BG Part Number: KIT1035B
Assembled Geophone Kit And Sensor

Today Only 29.95 instead 39.95!!

After many requests we are now offering our best selling Geophone Kit assembled and ready to to plug and play! Simply connect a power source to one set of provided leads and hook up the geophone to the other pair and you are ready to detect all kinds of movement and vibration!

What's a geophone? Well, it's an electronic receiver designed to pick up seismic vibrations.

That means we have the main ingredient for an exciting kit:
Ultra-sensitive geophone circuit "listens" to vibrations in the ground. You can place this kit outside, inside or anywhere and watch the changing LEDs to see when someone or something is coming. The closer it gets, the higher the LED reading. In our experiments, we mounted the geophone on a board and covered it with dirt outside a window. Some pretty interesting observations were made when cats, dogs, or people walked by. You can even build your own seismograph. Great for amateur seismologists, detecting approaching people, animals, etc., inside or outside, for micro-vibrations. Featured on SEVERAL currently airing, popular paranormal / Ghost TV shows for detecting paranormal movement and activity.

Adjustable sensitivity
10 LEDs indicate signal strength
Geophone sensor is 1-1/4" in diameter X 1" tall
Works on 5V to 9Vdc.

Board Measures 2 1/2" " X 1 1/16"

The geophone itself is used but is re-certified at the factory and guaranteed.  Amazingly sensitive. Use LED outputs to trigger other devices, such as relays, lights, sirens, trap doors, net launchers, etc. All you have to do when completed is add power to the board and wires to the geophone sensor, then go looking in the deepest darkest extremes for the unknown.

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