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BG Part Number: MOD1033
Set of 9 Breadboard Friendly Boolean Logic Gates

This is a set of 9 basic boolean logic blocks. they come as a single pcb that is snapped apart. Headers (not included) can be soldered onto the pcbs or wires can be soldered directly to the pcbs. The set includes 2 AND gates (74LVC1G08), 2 NOR gates (74LVC1G02), 2 XOR gates (74LVC1G86), 1 NOT gate (74LVC1G04), 1 NAND gate (74LVC1G00), and 1 OR gate (74LVC1G32). The devices are 7400 series LVC with a supported voltage range from +1.65V to +5.5V. The set includes enough blocks to breadboard either a 1-bit full adder, or 1-bit latch, or 1 D FlipFlop, or 1 R-S FlipFlop as examples.