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BG Part Number: MOT1103
: Namiki
: FCE-1202WL-03

 Vibrating Motors 1 Cylinder & 1 Pancake

Cylinder - 7mm Vibrating Motor by Namiki ( Pager / Cell )

Model: 7CE-1202WL-01 DC coreless motor

Rated Voltage = 1.3V

Rated Current = 70 +/- 20mA

Rotation: Clockwise

Rated Speed: 7300 RPM

1 1/2" Leads

Used in the Bristle Bot

Pancake 10mm Vibrating motor.
Flat Cell Phone Pager 3V vibrator. 275 mW, totally enclosed micro motor, permanent magnet, brushless, .9-3V DC Max.
Diameter and thickness: 10mm x 3.16mm.
Fun to play with.
No external moving parts.
These motors were removed from working telephones.