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BG Part Number: MOV1028
: Malda
Manufacturer Part Number: D6521ZOV151RB20
MOV 360V 100A by Malda

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Continuous AC Voltage 150VAC
Continuous DC Voltage 200VDC
Maximum DC Leakage @ Rated VDC 200uA
Low Varistor Voltage Limit 212VDC
High Varistor Voltage Limit 243VDC
Nominal Varistor Voltage 236VDC
Current for Varistor Voltage 1mA
Maximum Clamp Voltage 360V
Maximum Clamp Voltage Test Current 100A
Peak Current Rating (1 Pulse) 12000A
Peak Current Rating (2 Pulse) 9000A
Energy Rating (8X20us) 170J
Energy Rating (10X1000us) 170J
Typical Capacitance 1700pF
Impulse Response Time < < 50NS
Minimum Hipot of Coating 2500VDC
Minimum I.R. of Coating 1000MΩ