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BG Part Number: SWT1156
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SE612LVAG from Banner Engineering. Lets see if someone goes down your driveway, hallway, doorway, or any other place you want to monitor. Use it whenever you need an early warning. These self contained sensors are retroreflective(require a shiny/reflective target) and operate on 10-30 VDC. I used a red bicycle reflector to test the units. They work fine on 12V. They use a visible red beam 650nm to make it easy to align. The beam has to be pretty closely lined up with the reflector to work. Very easy to know when you have it aligned as the LED on top of the unit lights up when a reflection is detected. Range is up to 15 feet. The output switches up to 150mA. Connect the output to the load and the other side of the load to ground. The output comes on(conducts) when the beam is broken. 3 Wire-Brown is V+,Blue is ground, and Black is output. Sensor measures 1-1/4”x1-1/2”.

Early Warning Sensor