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Your Price: $5.30
BG Part Number: CAPASSORT2
Cap Assortment - 10 each of 10 Different Values on Tape
You will receive 10 each of the following:

AVX SR155C333KAR 50V 0.033uF 10% Radial

Tallcom RPE122X7R102K500V

AVX SR151A270JAATR1 100volts 27pF 5% Ceramic Radial

AVX SR155C103KAATR1 50volts 0.01uF 10% Ceramic Radial

Kemet T351E156M010AS7301 15uF 20% E CASE Tantalum Radial

AVX SR655A103JAATR2 .01UF 50V 5% Mono Radial

Electrolytic 10uf 63V Radial

AVX SR101A221JAA 220PF 100V 10% NP0 Axial

Kemet C410C330K1G5CA7200 100volts 33pF 10% Axial

AVX SA405E564MAA Aviation Spec

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