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Your Price: $5.49
Limited Qty of 13
BG Part Number: CAPASSORT3
Cap Assortment 0PF-105(1UF) 50V
18ValuesX10pcs = 180pcs Mono Monolithic Capacitors

Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor (Pitch 5.08MM)
18 kinds of Monolithic Capacitors
The specifications are as follows:
10pcs 20pF(marking:200)
10pcs 22pF(marking:220)
10pcs 30pF(marking:300)
10pcs 100pF(marking:101)
10pcs 220pF(marking:221)
10pcs 330pF(marking:331)
10pcs 470pF(marking:471)
10pcs 1nF(marking:102)
10pcs 2.2nF(marking:222)
10pcs 10nF(marking:103)
10pcs 22nF(marking:223)
10pcs 33nF(marking:333)
10pcs 47nF(marking:473)
10pcs 100nF(marking:104)
10pcs 220nF(marking:224)
10pcs 330nF(marking:334)
10pcs 470nF(marking:474)
10pcs 1uF(marking:105)

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