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BG Part Number: COL1095

512uH Coil

Inductance @ 1KHZ 512 uH
Inductance per turn 11.4uH/turn
Wire Size + 12ga = 20Amps contentious
Core Material/Type Powdered
Iron T-184 /#26 material
Permeability = High
Freq Range 10hz - 100KHZ (low)
Core Diameter OD = 1.85in/47mm
Core Diameter ID = .92in /44mm
Core Thickness =.71in /18mm
Full turns 44
DC resistance 20mOhms (.020 ohms)
Uses : Filter Choke DC power supplies.
            PFC circuits to 20A at 25KHZ to 100KHZ
            High Current Noise Filters