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BG Part Number: BAT1113

CR123A Industrial Lithium batteries by Panasonic.  Brand new with a shelf life of 01/2024 or later.  Individually wrapped. 1550mAh.
Where did these batteries come from and why are they so cheap? A very large OEM developed a product and before they sold any, they decided to scrap the project for whatever reason. The only thing that would not tie the name of the company to the product was the Panasonic batteries. They crushed the product and pulled out the batteries. We were offered the batteries and purchased a good quantity. As we sold more and more of the batteries, we could see the end was near, so we went back to the OEM to see if they had anymore. They had already sold off a major portion of them, but we were able to buy what they had left. We sold out of them and just by happen stance, they called and said they had more. We jumped at the chance and agreed to buy all they had left. When we went to pick them up, they had 3 times the amount that we had agreed to buy. Being the greedy mail order barons that we are, we took them. Now we have Panasonic batteries everywhere. When you think about it, they don't take up a lot of room, they don't mold or mildew, and the date codes are good for a few more years.

That's my story and I am sticking to it. YEE HAW! 
Yes, they have the green band!  

What does the date code on a battery mean? That means that you can set it on a shelf and use it up to and including the date on the battery and it will be as powerful as when you first bought it. With the batteries that we are selling now and the date code of 5 years plus, you can pitch several in your glove box, closet, or wherever you keep your batteries and they will be powerful for years to come.

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