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BG Part Number: MOT1092
Credit Card Gizmo

Assembly with gears and motor. Includes 1 Globe Motors 415A410 12V Gear Motor and 1 GAL16V8 in socket.
Limit 1 Per Order

This credit card gizmo is a fun item. First you can figure out how it works. That will be some fun. Then you can go around asking people to put their credit card in it. It takes it in, then splits it out.
But if you do not want to go to all that trouble, it has a beautiful 12 volt motor with a reduction gear box that would be fun to play with. There is a worm gear at the end. We have figured out that at 3V the revolutions are about 21RPMs and that would mean that at 12V it is about 84RPMs. All of this is just guess work on our part, but we are pretty good at guessing. The motor is actually a Globe Motor and the part number is 415A410. Motor is easily removable with 3 Phillips head screws. Very Limited quantity.