BG Micro History

BG Micro

In Loving Memory of Billy Gage, Proprietor

Billy Gage passed away Christmas 2017.

A more complete account of these events will come at a later time. I never had the pleasure of meeting Billy.

Billy was a great friend to many electroncs enthusiasts and is sorely missed. Although Billy is no longer here, those who were his friends and customers for so many years will always kindly cherish his memory.

BG micro continues to operate through the substantial and tireless effort and dedication of Billy's son, Jerry Gage. He was aided for two years by Tammy, a remarkable secretary who had started to work at BG as her first job out of high school and remained there for +12 years. She went on to see much greater success, and she will have our eternal gratituide.

Before BG micro, Billy Gage and Jim Tanner Sr. worked at Vikon Electronics, year: 1975. They pursued joint business ventures through the early 1980s. At some point in the early 1980s, BGmicro was formed. Around the same time, Tanner electronics came to be. Tanner Electronics operated on Harry Hines in Dallas, Texas for many years. The business was continued at a location on Valwood Pkwy on I-35 east until march of 2020 by Jim Tanner and the tanner family.

We cannot say enough nice things about Jim Tanner. BG micro was able to cope during a very difficult year, thanks to Jim Tanner.

It may be fairly stated that came online with the internet itself. Some time in the 1980s.

Recent years have been very hard on the surplus industry. At it's pinnacle, BG micro employed 80 people or more. Currently, we are a company of 3 people.

On this note of reflection, I find it pertinant to mention another, very special, local surplus electronics place which exists in my memory and perhaps some of yours. There are those who remember Nortex Electronics, I am among them.