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BG Part Number: MOT1100

NEMA 17 Stepper Motor With Control Cable By Minebea/NMBT Technologies 10.4Vdc/330mA

Part Number             17PM-K374BN01CN
Product Name           NEMA 17 Hybrid Step Motor
Manufacture Year      2015
Rated Voltage            10.4V
Rated Current/Phase  0.33A
Max Input                   6.9W
Step Angle                 1.8 Degrees
Step Accuracy           1.8 Degrees +/- 0.09 Degrees
Max Holding Torque    340 mNm
Winding Resistance   31.5 Ohm +/- 3.1 Ohm
Winding Inductance   71mH
Insulation Resistance 100 MegOhms
Dielectric Strength     AC 500V
Temperature Rise      80 C Max
Class Of Insulation    B
Radial Play               20 Nanometers Max At 4.4 N
End Play                  80 Nanometers Max At 4.4 N
Rotor Inertia             50 g-cm2
Detent torque           11.3 mNm
Mass                        250g
Wire Configeration    4 Lead

Shaft Square            4.1mm Point to Point
Shaft Length             8mm

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