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BG Part Number: 1A1407
: Toshiba
: 2SC1815-Y
2SC1815-Y TO-92 ECB 

Bipolar Transistor - BJT x34 Small Signal Transistor

2SC1815-Y Original Toshiba and USUA (India)

200 pcs. per factory bag or 2000 pcs. per factory box.

One of the most common Japanese audio transistors.

To-92 NPN general purpose audio driver and HF transistor. ECB pin out.

Vceo-50. Ic-150 ma. Hfe-120 to 240. Ft is typically 500 mhz @30ma. (see graph on data sheet)

Hfe is very linear over a wide range of Ic. NF is typ. 1 db. (see data sheet)
The Captain hoarded almost 80,000 of these widely used transistors in two popular brands. When we asked him why?, he slowly looked around the poorly lit warehouse before softly answering with one word: "Zombies."