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BG Part Number: 1A1409
NJM4565D Dual Op-Amp

The old MC/RC 4558 is not a much of a high end op amp by today’s standards yet many people still like it’s sound, especially the warm tones of the version put out by NJM/JRC. JRC later made enhanced designs with dramatically improved specs. such as the 4560 and 4565. The 4565 has low noise, good slew rate, and a wide GBP.

In the Captain’s cache we were surprised and excited to find a hidden hoard of 32,000 JRC 4565D 8 pin DIP op amps dated circa 1991. These parts are in original tubes of 50 and factory boxes of 2000.

In the roughly 3 decades since these op amps were manufactured we would not be surprised to find out that the die may have been shrunk several times. IF this is true then the Captain’s 90’s vintage parts may have a sonic presence that is very different from current production. Like us, you will be amazed at the low price the Captain has set for you to purchase these classic circuits. They are shining examples of the artistry embodied in Japanese manufacturing. It will cost you very little to sample the pudding. By the way, how much is today’s 19 cents in 1991 dollars?