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BG Part Number: 1A1499
2N6099 Power Transistor TO-220 RCA

NPN House numbered “393” and dated 1977.
Used in Sentinel/Wonder Wizard games as solenoid drivers.

Similar to an MJE3055T. Ic is 10 amps. Vceo-60 v. Hfe is 20 to 80 @ 4 amps.
Rugged 70’s technology with a large SOA.
The Captain quipped: “RCA made a bunch of good parts back in the day, I miss them.”

The Captain said he used to take the common 16.5 vac/ 40 va. alarm transformer coupled
with a 723 and two of these transistors plus a few other parts to make a handy variable
experimenter power supply that could be adjusted from 5 to 15 volts and current limited at about 2 amps.