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BG Part Number: 1B1612
: Artesyn
: WR48T05-12/55K
Artesyn DC-DC Converter 48V Input Triple Output +5 5A, +12V 1.25A, -12V 1.25A

NEW Artesyn DC-DC Converter 48V Input Triple Output 
+5V    5A  
+12V  1.25A   
-12V   1.25A   

Single, dual and triple output

•  Low profile – 0.91 inch high

•  Efficiencies to 84 %

•  UL approved (Single outputs)

•  2:1 input  range

•  PCB or chassis mounting

•  Pi input  filter

•  OVP on all outputs

WR-K Series devices are efficient, high power DC/DC converters with single, dual and triple outputs
supplying 50 to 60 Watts. Their low profile 3.5 x 5.5 x

0.91 inch package provides a power density of 3.4 Watts per cubic inch. Efficiencies range from 78%
to 84%. These converters feature unique dual power stages utilising forward converters with MOSFET
switching at 100kHz. A Pi network input filter is also included. High efficiency is virtually
constant down to 30% output loading. Other features include output short circuit protection,
overvoltage protection, remote sensing of primary output, input surge protection and remote on/off
control. The 2:1 input voltage ranges are 9 to 18VDC, 18 to 36VDC and 36 to 72VDC. Typical
applications for WR-K Series power supplies include telecoms, distributed power systems and
industrial automation.

Input Voltage           36-72VDC 
Output Voltages      +5V@5A   –12V@1.25A   +12V@1.25A                     
Watts                      55W
Input Current          1.4A
Typical Efficiency    82%
Case Option           -1