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BG Part Number: 1B1631
: PerkinElmer
: BUB 0641 RD(G)
Horse shoe Xenon flash tube
Limit 100 Per Order

Used in strobe lights and warning beacons.
Most popular size. 30mmx16mmx6mm diameter tube-Borosilicate glass B1.
PerkinElmer(Heimann) part number BUB 0641 RD(G).
Ratings: 6 joules, 200 min.-550 max. anode voltage, .4-4Hz flash frequency.
Rated for 5,000,000 flashes.
Very similar to Radio Shack 272-1145 and Mouser 361-4425.
See the internet for applications circuits and other useful information.
We tried the tube in kit #162 from kitsrus.com, and it worked fine. T
here are many other circuits available and lots of inverter and trigger transformers on the Internet that will work with this tube.

Data Sheet LIT1041

WARNING WARNING WARNING The circuits required to operate this tube contain dangerous levels of high voltage.
Do not buy this product if you are not experienced in dealing with very high voltage levels.
These flash tubes produce very bright light (with some UV). Eye protection is required for experimentation. The data sheet is available at www.bgmicro.com under "Tech Documents".

Xenon Flash Tube