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Your Price: $5.30
BG Part Number: ACS1717
4.72" Cable Ties-Bag Of A Thousand-Natural. Now the rest of the story-------
You have heard how everything is bigger in Texas. Well these were unloaded in a big Texas rain storm and some of the bags got wet. Now that's okay because the cable ties are in a 5 mil thick bag and none of those got wet. However, some of the labels got messed up, so when you get them, the labels may look like they have been damp. I promise none of the ties got wet. Have I ever lied to you? These are unconditionaly guaranteed. They are fresh i.e. manufactured in 2013 by Richco, Part number WITA-18R-M. If you are not thoroughly satisfied, keep the ties and give us a call and we will cheerfully(well maybe not that happy), at least gladly, refund your money.