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Your Price: $11.95
BG Part Number: KIT1040
71 Piece Micro Controller Project Starter Kit - Protoboard 80C51 and much more!!

This kit provides a basic starting point for many projects on the internet utilizing the 80C51 microcontroller.
You will most likely need to purchase additional components for the specific project you choose to embark upon but this assortment provides basic components used in many projects at a great value!


5 10uf 16V Radial Capacitors
5 33uf  50V Radial Capacitors
5 .1uf 50V Radial Capacitor Cut Tape
1 900 Hole Proto Board
20 Assorted Jumper Wires
1 9V Snap with Leads
10 1K Ohm Reistors
10 10K Ohm  Resistors
5 Momentary Switches 1/4" SPST N.O
5 Red LED 5mm 50° 623nm 10mA 29 mcd
1 80C51 Intel 4K ROM
1 40 Pin Solder Tail Socket
1 34 Pin Gold Header
1 Vikay 2116 1X16 Dot Matrix LCD

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