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BG Part Number: 9Z1449
: Intel
: LN80C152JB

LN80C152JB Intel 8 Bit Microcontroller Superset of 80C51 Architecture

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Superset of 80C51 Architecture

Multi-Protocol Serial Communication I/O Port (2.048 Mbps/2.4 Mbps Max)– SDLC/HDLC Only– CSMA/CD and SDLC/HDLC– User Definable Protocols

Full Duplex/Half Duplex

MCS...-51 Compatible UART

16.5 MHz Maximum Clock Frequency

Multiple Power Conservation Modes

64KB Program Memory Addressing

64KB Data Memory Addressing

256 Bytes On-Chip RAM

Dual On-Chip DMA Channels

Hold/Hold Acknowledge

Two General Purpose Timer/Counters

5 or 7 I/O PortsY56 Special Function Registers

11 Interrupt Sources