The P6KE Series is designed specifically to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage transients induced by lightning and other transient voltage events. 
Peak Pulse Power Dissipation 600 W

Technical Data
  • Clamping Voltage:27.7 V
  • Leakage Current (Max):0.005 uA
  • Mounting:Through Hole
  • Operating Temp Range:-65C to 175C
  • Package Type:DO-15
  • Packaging:Tape and Reel
  • Pin Count:2
  • Polarity:Uni-Directional
  • Number of Elements:1
  • Operating Temperature Classification:Military
  • Peak Pulse Power Dissipation:600 W
  • Reverse Breakdown Voltage:19 V
  • Peak Pulse Current:22 A
  • Reverse Stand-off Voltage :17.1 V
  • Test Current (It):1 mA
  • Rad Hardened:No