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BG Part Number: 9Z1976
: AM27C020-150DC
AM27C020-150DC 2 Megabit (256 K x 8-Bit) CMOS EPROM

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  • Fast access time—  Speed options as fast as 55 ns
  • Low power consumption—  100 μA maximum CMOS standby current
  • JEDEC-approved pinout—  Plug in upgrade of 1 Mbit EPROM—  Easy upgrade from 28-pin JEDEC EPROMs
  • Single +5 V power supplyn±10% power supply tolerance standardn100% Flashrite™ programming—  Typical programming time of 32 seconds
  • Latch-up protected to 100 mA from –1 V to VCC + 1 VnHigh noise immunity
  • Compact 32-pin DIP, PDIP, and PLCC packages