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BG Part Number: 9Z1510
: CDP1802ACE
RCA COSMAC CDP1802ACE Low power CMOS Microprocessor KIT

Introduced by RCA back in 1976 and yet it still continues to have a very loyal following. Used in spacecrafts and in many space science programs. See the great article on Wikipedia.
These parts are New and Original RCA. Limited stock on these rare parts!

BG is offering a basic kit for making your own retro computing board for the 1802 and we are including many of  the key components that you will need.

What you get:
1- CDP1802ACE CPU. 3.2 Mhz. max. 40 pin DIP
1- AMD2732ADC EPROM. 4K x 8.  24 pin DIP
1- Vintage HC-33 style crystal. 2.4576 Mhz.
1- Static RAM 8K MCM6064P12 by Motorola 28 Pin DIP.
3- High quality machine pin sockets. 1- 40 pin for the processor, 1-24 pin for the EPROM, and 1 28 pin for your static ram.
1- Regulated 5vdc power supply rated at 1.2 amps.

Limit 10 Per Order.

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