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Your Price: $1.98
Sale Price: $0.99
BG Part Number: ACS1694
This is a repeat of a best seller. The company we get these from just came under new ownership and they uncovered the remaining stock on this item.

**Please note that these are FR-4 material. Earlier ads and newsletters referred to Teflon material. That material is SOLD OUT. All that remains is FR-4.

These are pieces left over from larger sheets and cut into smaller portions for our customers. These remaining irregular pieces vary a bit in size and thickness. They will be at least 6" X 8" but some are up to 7" wide. They are 1 oz copper and the ones tested were .062" thick. These remnants were stored on a pallet in a warehouse and have some areas of discoloration. Edges can be rough so be careful when handling!

Since these vary in size and thickness and have some minor exposure we have put these in our clearance section at half the normal cost. Stock is limited!

Original Ad:
6"x8" PC Board Material-FR-4, Double Sided, 1 ounce copper, .062".
We are getting this brand new material from a major PC board user who buys 4'x8' sheets.
When he gets through with his production runs, he always has smaller sizes left over and he cuts them to our specifications.
This is first class material at a first class price.

on sale