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BG Part Number: ACS2005
PCB Fab-In A-Box Mini Starter Kit

The "Starter kit" contains everything you need to start making single and double-sided PCBs in just a few minutes. Contains: Toner Transfer Paper, Copper Laminate Board and TRF Sealing Foils.

The Mini Kit contains Toner Transfer Paper, Blank PCB Laminate, and Green Toner Reactive Foil.

Also included in the "Starter Kit" is a special custom printed page of circuit test images on a sheet of Toner Transfer Paper used for trouble-shooting if your printed images aren't transferring properly. Used as a reference to compare the quality of your printouts.

Sample PCB images
This page of test circuit images is printed using a new "branded" toner cartridge for guaranteed known density of toner to make perfect transfers. For optimum performance, you never want to use an "after-market" toner cartridge. They are just inferrior to "branded" cartridges. Having good toner density is most important for proper transfers to the copper's surface. If you find your are having transfer problems, that's when you'd use one of these images. It will immediately point to the source of the problem... either your laser printer is not putting out enough toner density or the TIA laminator is not working properly.

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