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BG Part Number: ICSAD712JN
: Analog Device
: AD712JN
AD712JN Precision High Speed BiFET Dual OP Amp

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The AD712 is a high speed, precision, monolithic operational amplifier offering high performance at very modest prices. The very low offset voltage and offset voltage drift are the results of advanced laser wafer trimming technology. These performance benefits allow the user to easily upgrade existing designs that use older precision BiFETs and, in many cases, bipolar op amps. The superior ac and dc performance of this op amp makes it suitable for active filter applications. With a slew rate of 16 V/μs and a settling time of 1 μs to ±0.01%, the AD712 is ideal as a buffer for 12-bit digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and as a high speed integrator. The settling time is unmatched by any similar IC amplifier. The combination of excellent noise performance and low input current also make the AD712 useful for photo diode preamps. Common-mode rejection of 88 dB and open-loop gain of 400 V/mV ensure 12-bit performance even in high speed unity-gain buffer circuits.