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BG Part Number: ICSSL490B
: GEC Plessey Semiconductor
Manufacturer Part Number: SL490B
SL490B Remote Control Transmitter

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GPS has developed and produced a range of monolithic integrated circuits which give a wide variety of remote control facilities. As well as ultrasonic or infra-red transmission,cable, radio or telephone links may also be used. PulsePosition Modulation (PPM) is used with or without carrier and automatic error detection is incorporated. Initially designed with TV remote control in mind, the device is also suitable foruse in radios, tuners, tape and record decks, lamps and lighting, toys and models, industrial control and monitoring.The SL490B is an easily extendable, 32-command PPM transmitter drawing negligible standby current.
Ultrasonic or Infra-Red Transmissionn Direct Drive or Ultrasonic Transducer Direct Drive of Visible LED when using Infra-Red. Very Low Power Requirements. Pulse Position Modulation gives Excellent Immunity from Noise and Multipath Reflections. Single Pole Key Matrix. Switch Resistance up to 1k Tolerated. Low External Component CountnOn-Chip Anti-Bounce Circuitry