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BG Part Number: KIT1029
: None
Now you can build your own tinyCylon from a kit.
The tinyCylon is a preprogrammed LED sequencer with 5 red LEDs.
The multiple display modes include classic Cylon scanner, evil glowing eyes, malfunctioning/berserk robot and 8 other variations.
Modes are selectable with the included push button.
PC board measures 1"x1".
The battery holder is covered and includes an on/off switch.
Unit takes 3xAAA batteries(not included).
Add some fun to your project today.
Weight is not a problem as tinyCylon is light enough to install on your robot.
Click to see the tinyCylon in action.
Detailed assembly instructions.
Easy to build in under an hour.
Requires soldering, wire cutters and 3xAAA batteries.
The tinyCylon will dress up your robot or other project and make it as if you had ordered it out of a name brand catalog.

tinyCylon Kit