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BG Part Number: LED1069
: None
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We already had an IR illuminator kit.

Why would we want a bigger one? Because it puts out more light.
It is brighter and has 72 infra red LEDs instead of 36.
This is a Kit that requires assembly and soldering skills!

The LEDs in both kits are capable of drawing 100mA. each.
The Bigger IR ILLUMINATOR kit is designed to operate between 12 and 13.8Vdc, with maximum efficiency at 13.2Vdc.
ILLUMINATOR draws between 600-800mA.
Units can be daisy chained.
At 24 feet, the beam is approximately 8 feet in diameter. PC board measures 3.7"x1.95".
Light up the dark with the Bigger IR ILLUMINATOR kit. 940nm/17 degree viewing angle. Complete kit.

Bigger IR IlluminatorKit 940nm/20 Degree