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BG Part Number: LIT1071
: Bivar
: PM3-PPGDW12.0
LED Panel Indicator Green Diffused 120deg 8V ~ 48V 20mA
Round with Flat Top, 5.90mm Wire Leads - 12"

Made by Bivar

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Type LED
Lamp Color Green
Lens Color White
Lens Transparency Diffused
Ratings AC/DC
Voltage 8V ~ 48V
Current 20mA
Panel Cutout Shape Round
Panel Cutout Dimensions 0.19" (4.83mm)
Lens Style Round with Flat Top
Lens Size 5.90mm Dia
Millicandela Rating 20mcd
Wavelength - Peak 555nm
Viewing Angle 120deg
Termination Style Wire Leads - 12"