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BG Part Number: MK129
: Velleman
Manufacturer Part Number: MK129

Attractive bright colored bug-shaped miniature robot. The microbug is always hungry for light, it drives towards it.


  • two open chassis sub-miniature motors
  • adjustable light-sensitivity suits almost any light condition and allows to control it's 'bug-like' behavior
  • adjustable speed
  • choose between two different walks
  • LED 'eyes' indicate driving direction
  • stops in total darkness


  • power supply: 2 1.5V AAA battery operation (not incl.)
  • dimensions: 4.3 x 3.5"


  • To our valued customers:

    It has been brought to our attention that some batches of MK127/MK129 might contain motors with different polarity indications than the ones mentioned in the manuals.

    Two types are available:

    1) Motors, where the '+' is indicated by a plus-sign in a circle.

    2) Motors, with a red mark close to one of the connections. This mark indicates the MINUS of the motor.

    Future manuals will feature instructions for both types of motors.
    If you have any doubt, you can check the sense of rotation by applying 1.5..3V to the motor, using the supplied battery connector and observe the sense of rotation.

    Sorry if this has caused any confusion.

    The Velleman Projects Team


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