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BG Part Number: RES1475
: Alps
: RS452111LA03
Slide Potentiometer 45mm Travel With Red LED 10K Ohms Linear Taper

Direction of lever Vertical
Travel 45mm
Lever type 4
Length of lever 20mm
Total resistance 10kΩ
Resistance taper 1B
Detent Without
Mounting plate Without
Operating Temperature Range -25deg C to +70deg C
Electrical performance
Total resistance tolerance ±20%
Maximum operating voltage 200V AC, 10V DC
Rated power 0.125W
Insulation resistance 100MΩ min. 250V DC
Voltage proof 300V AC for 1 minute
Mechanical performance
Operating force 0.3 to 2.5N
Stopper strength 50N
Lever push-pull strength 50N
Lever wobble (Both side) 4mm
Lever deviation (One side) 0.5mm max.
Operating life 15,000 cycles


Slide Potentiometer