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BG Part Number: SWT1321
: Fujisoku
: 8N1021
Fujisoku 8N1021 Pushbutton Switch, Changeover Contact Momentary Action, 6A 125V

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Pusbutton Switch, Changeover
This switch has a change-over contact. The center terminal is the common contact. The normally-open terminal on one side is connected to the common center terminal when the button is pressed. The normally-closed terminal on the other side is disconnected from common when the button is pressed.
The switch has a momentary action, meaning it does NOT latch.

Internally, the contacts are silver-plated

The mounting hardware shown in the image is included. For cutout dimensions, please refer to page 3 the datasheet for details, it depends on whether or not you want to use the included locking ring.

Cap not included.