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BG Part Number: ICS5369
MM5369 17 Stage Oscillator/Divider
General Description
The MM5369 is a CMOS integrated circuit with 17 binary
divider stages that can be used to generate a precise reference
from commonly available high frequency quartz crystals.
An internal pulse is generated by mask programming
the combinations of stages 1 through 4, 16 and 17 to set or
reset the individual stages. The MM5369 is advanced one
count on the positive transition of each clock pulse. Two
buffered outputs are available: the cyrstal frequency for tuning
purposes and the 17th stage output. The MM5369 is
available in an 8-lead dual-in-line epoxy package.
Crystal oscillator
Two buffered outputs
Output 1 crystal frequency
Output 2 full division
High speed (4 MHz at VDD e 10V)
Wide supply range 3V±15V
Low power
Fully static operation
8-lead dual-in-line package
Low Current
MM5369AA 3.58 MHz to 60 Hz

ICS5369 Datasheet