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BG Part Number: ACS1822


iM2075 Pelican Storm Case-Watertight, Exterior 11.8"x9.8"x7.7", Interior 9.5"x7.5"x7.25"

These cases were used to house a lead acid battery in a remote location. They are water tight and air tight and come with a waterproof connector that went from the battery to a solar panel(ACS1821)
. The 4 holes in the top are plugged, but some may need some additional potting, if you do not mount the solar panel on top of it. You can reuse the water tight connector. You can also pad lock the case for safe storage. Some were used in rugged terrain and are a bit scuffed. They are still worth the price we are asking for them.

Use it like the company did, with a solar panel and a battery. Excellent way to keep your deer feeder battery, electric fence battery, or yard light battery charged.

Since it is water tight and air tight, use it for ammo storage, pistol storage, or you can actually keep your tools safe. Accomadates any item that needs protection. Perfect camera case.

Comes with an easy grip handle and press and pull latches.

As with the solar panel, you get some free dirt, which you can keep. 

Limit: 1 per order because of shipping costs.