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BG Part Number: ACS1645
: Hargraves

Repeat Of A Sellout. MINI pump (air,gas) by Hargraves. 12 volt operation.
The motor is a solid state brushless motor. This single action pump is a winner.
Input/output nozzle.
Use as suction or a pump.
Ball bearing motor(roller bearings). This is a precision piece of gear.
Pump usually retails for over $100.00.
Measures 2-1/8" wide x 2-15/16" tall x 1-3/16" thick.
These were removed from working equipment.
The motor has 4 wires.
The red is +12V and the black is ground.
The blue wire has an analog voltage of approximately 2.5V and was used with a comparator to monitor the load(current) on the motor.
When you partially block the suction, the voltage goes down, and when you partially block the output nozzle, the voltage will rise.
The white wire, not connected, has +5V, as a reference voltage, on it and was used as a kill switch. 
When you put the white wire on the black wire, this turns the motor off.
Even through a 10K resistor to ground will turn the motor off, so any transistor or cmos will control it.
A big thanks to our customer Larry for the technical info.

Units have black protective foam on all sides.

Limit 4 Per Order

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