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BG Part Number: ACS1667

Real men know that the real world is analog.  Almost anybody

can use a DSP chip to make a software defined, low power, ultra

small, state of the art radio.  It takes a real man to step

back in time, to use discrete parts and these shiny, vintage,

hard to find IF cans, to build an incredibly chunky, but high

performance AM or shortwave radio.  If this is not your cup of

tea, step away now.  But if you are still interested, we

suggest you get a copy of Ronald Quan's latest book, "Build

Your Own Transistor Radios". 

Sure, variable capacitors, loop stick antennas, and oscillator

coils may be hard to find, but not impossible.  We are offering

the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 455kHz IF cans with data sheets.

Back in '81, we originally bought over 800,000 assorted IF cans

that came from E.F. Johnson, but we thought they were all gone.

Imagine our surprise when we unearthed 15000 sets of these IF

cans.  We are embarrassed to tell you what they were buried

under, but they are as pristine as the day they left the Toko

factory in Taiwan.

P.S. The mid 70's data sheet is from Motorola, but we don't

know the connection between Motorola and E.F. Johnson.