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BG Part Number: PWR1467
Surge Arrestor; 72 V; 1.5 pF (Max.); T23 Series
B88069X8740B502 By Epcos(TDK)

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Surge Voltage Protectors. SVPs are gas discharge tubes, hermetically sealed, composed of two or three electrodes properly spaced by insulators and filled with a rare gas. SVPs mainly serve to provide a conductive path for unwanted, excessive transients, which prevents the transient energy and associated voltages from damaging sensitive equipment and components, and from harming personnel.

Capacitance, Off-State : 1.5 pF (Max.)
Current, Surge : 20 kA
Dimensions : 10mm L x 8mm Dia.
Mounting Type : PCB
Primary Type : Surge Suppressor
Termination : Leadwires
Voltage, Protection : 72 V